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A Day Respite Service 

The Living Room is a day respite program located in Mamaroneck, NY.  The program is centrally located near public bus, train stations and near major highways.   The Living Room is open 7 days per week including all holidays.  Hours of operation are 8:30am to 8:30pm. We are not open for overnight stays.   The program will welcome 6-8 Guests at any one time. Guests may be 18 years or older and may self-refer or be recommended by another provider of service. The Living Room is staffed by Certified Peer Specialists, Social Workers and a Registered Nurse. There is a Psychiatrist on-call for consultation. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker provides oversight of the program. 


What is The Living Room Program? 

The Living Room program is a non-hospital setting designed to provide a comfortable, calm and relaxed environment for those who need a safe place to support their mental health. As an alternative to an emergency room guests will be offered both peer and professional support to develop short and long term planning strategies and receive Best Practice services to address their immediate situation. Guests of Living Room Programs report feeling supported and heard.   


What to expect when a guest arrives at The Living Room 

A guest will be welcomed into the Living Room Library to speak with staff to ensure that the Living Room has the services available to support the guest.  After a brief screening the Guest will be introduced to a Peer Care Manager, a person who has their own personal experience in receiving mental health services and who is trained to talk with you about your concerns.  Together the Guest and the Peer Care Manager will develop a plan for the day to address immediate needs and future goals. 


During a Guest’s stay in The Living Room 

Guests will be offered numerous opportunities for support and services during their stay, including spending time in a number of comfortable rooms within the Living Room itself. Guests can choose one of two smaller private Dens equipped with a comfortable recliner, to read or rest, peaceful sound machines, and a Smart TV which offers the ability to access the expanded internet services.  Guests may spend time in the small Library area or the larger Living Room space which includes computer, dining and TV areas.  A galley Kitchen is available for snacks and small meal prep.  Guest may also enjoy the Exercise room and Shower facility.  A variety of calming activities may include use of a piano, music, computer/internet access, books, games, art supplies etc.  


For Referrals or Additional Information:

The HDSW Living Room


8:30am to 8:30pm

7 Days a Week, including all Holidays

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