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Creating Community Since 1968

HDSW has been Creating Community for people in Westchester County for over 45 years, providing services to people throughout every corner of Westchester County. It takes an exceptional combination of dedicated staff, Board members, volunteers and especially those we serve to come together to create that sense of belonging to something greater than oneself.

That “something” helps to keep people involved, to feel included, wanted and important, which leads to personal growth and success and to the success of HDSW. At HDSW there are opportunities every day for a person to realize their dreams; to obtain stable housing, receive employment training or help to get a job, to receive a scholarship to return to school, or help to find good health care.

HDSW has been involved in the evolution of community-based direct-care services for vulnerable populations in New York State for over 45 years. In today’s ever-changing health care marketplace, HDSW provides person-centered services to over 3000 people each year, through a unique blend of inter-related programs. HDSW provides: Care Management Services to those recovering from Physical Health and Behavioral Health-related illnesses so they may remain stable in the community; Residential Services offering both Transitional and Permanent Housing options to individuals and families throughout Westchester County and Recovery Oriented Services at HOPE House which focus on Employment, Education and Social Engagement. HDSW is also the designated Neighborhood Preservation Company for the Village of Port Chester with the goal of increasing and preserving affordable housing for Westchester residents. HDSW is a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency reaching out to low and moderate income households throughout Westchester. HDSW is the only bi-lingual Housing Counseling Agency in Westchester.

Throughout the last two years, HDSW has been addressing the Triple Aim of improving an individual’s experience of health care, improving their health and reducing the cost of providing care. One critical step was to join together with other like-minded Hudson Valley preeminent values-based community behavioral health and disability service agencies to form Coordinated Behavioral Health Services (CBHS). Our joint efforts have enabled us to respond to the rapidly changing health care environment in NY State and to develop the critical business relationships necessary for sustainability.

HDSW is a proud partner of CBHS and now of Coordinated Behavioral Health Care (CBHCare). CBHCare is a partnership between CBHS and Hudson River Health Care, a Federally Qualified Health Center, which has been proving services in Westchester since 1975. This collaboration is actively integrating the provision of health and behavioral health services for our clients, so that they may address their health needs in one place, with one team of helping professionals; and thus receive the best of care.


Through our participation in CBHS and by expanding our spectrum of services, HDSW is preparing for New York State’s implementation of Behavioral Managed Care for all Medicaid recipients. We are educating and preparing those we serve for the changes which are fast approaching. This is a very exciting time.


As a private, non-profit 501[c] (3) agency, HDSW is licensed by, and receives funding from the NY State Office of Mental Health. We are also partially funded by the NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the NY State Education Department (ACCES-VR), NYS Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Westchester County, private foundations, and individual contributors.

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